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A toolset for quantifying and designing multivalent interactions

Please see the original research associated with MVsim at

The installation files for MVsim can be found at

MVsim v1.1

Bence Bruncsics, Wesley J. Errington, Casim A. Sarkar

University of Minnesota

July 22, 2022

MVsim is licensed under the MIT License.

Questions related to licensing:

Code related questions:


Available app versions

Installation and setup for the Web App:

  1. Setting up the webserver by following the instructions
  2. Staring the Webserver following the instructions
  3. Copying the ctf file to the default /local/MathWorks/webapps/R2019b/apps/ location

Installation and setup for standalone desktop app:

Option 1:

  1. Download and install MATLAB Runtime for windows, linux, or mac
  2. Run the executable MVsim_standalone_win.exe for windows, MVsim_standalone_linux.install for linux, or for mac and follow the installation instractions
  3. Run the installed version of MVsim

Option 2:

  1. Download the MVsim version v1.1 packaged with runtime for windows, linux, or mac
  2. Follow the installation guide and launch the program

The directory MVsim contains the following uncompiled files and folders for the model:


Web app:

  1. After installing the web app, the page is accessible via: : /webapps/home/
  2. After choosing the desired version, input parameters on the Main and Parameters tabs and click the initiate button to produce the desired plots


  1. Install MATLAB MVsim app
  2. Input parameters and press the initiate and run button. For more details, see the “MVsim user tutorial.pdf” file

Installation and run times:

  1. Typical installation time is ~1 min.
  2. Run time varies based on the complexity of the simulation. For the included bivalent-bivalent demo with default parameters, the typical run time should be < 30 s. More involved simulations can take up to 10 min; a progress bar is included in the app for the user to monitor the calculations and ensure that the app has not stalled.